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Why We Love Just Us Kids

  • I cannot put into words how good it feels to find someone who you can trust and feel secure with in leaving your child.  Thank you for all of the loving care you have given Alise and all of the things you have taught her.  Your program has benefited her greatly.  I wish you continued success in your program. Martha A.

  • Robin has cared for two of my three children over the last 18 months.  It was such a pleasure knowing that when I left for work there was never a need to worry about my girls.  Besides the necessaries (eating, napping, etc.) she has a wonderful enriching preschool type program. Robin has made a huge commitment by designing her home to accommodate Just Us Kids.  This commitment is really not surprising to me.  She is a dedicated, loving mom and care-giver to other children.  I can only say great things about her, her staff and facility.   Jane and Pete A.


  • To know that you've been taking care of Jack and providing him with the security he needed for the past year has been a true gift.  I was a full time mom with the girls so I've always been pretty picky about whom I leave him with.  To your credit he has flourished through an incredibly tough personal year.  Not everyone can do what you do.  So I thank you for Jack and myself, you provided a true peace of mind every morning and for that I am forever grateful and Jack has been forever blessed.  With so many thanks to you for all you do and continue to do.  Jeanne E.


  • Another year has passed and we want to thank all of you for taking such great care of Hope.  We believe that you have given Hope a positive head start for Kindergarten in all aspects and we couldn't have done it without youCarol & Mike


  • Thank you with all my heart for all you have done and given Nicholas and me.  My gratitude runs miles deep.  I would have been so lost without you, your school and staff.  The hardest thing is to have to leave your child in someone else's care and trust them when your gone that they would respect your child.  You have given me and Nicholas more than that.  Just Us Kids has developed and educated Nicholas in such a way that amazed me every week.  Most importantly you provided Nicholas the opportunity to score above average on all of his evaluations for Kindergarten.  This is a sign of an excellent school and who makes a school? The People!!  Your staff is the best and all of you together are God sent.  We will miss you, your family, and your staff very much more than my words can express. We will think of you often (everyday) and we will be thankful forever.  Your cheery smile and welcoming mornings will be imbedded in our minds and hearts for years to come.  With all our love, Michelle R.


  • Thank you for creating a small place with such a big heart and awesome teachers who will always stay in my heart. Sanela & Mauro M.


  • Thank you for everything this year.  Lucas had such a great year.  He learned so much and had so much fun.  It is so calming to leave Lucas in a place where he is so well taken care of.  His teachers have made such a positive impact in him.  Danny & Sally W.


  • How luck we have been to have had you watching our children for all these years.  You now as a mom yourself how difficult it is to leave your kids but you have always made it so easy. "Thank you" doesnt even begin to cover it.  Carolyn H









  • Thank you so much for all the love, nurturing and guidance you've given to our sweet Noah for nearly three years.  Yesterday, Noah told us he was "so sad" to be leaving you and we can hardly blame him for feeling that way! Yes, you blew his nose, changes his poops, dried his tears, cuddled him and held his hand, taught him what to do and what NOT to do with his hands, taught him his colors, numbers, letters and SO much more.  You've helped him into snowsuits and swimsuits, taken him on exciting field trips and threw him LOTS of great parties.  But Best of all, you made him feel secure, loved and safe, for which we are eternally grateful.  Just Us Kids will forever be a special part of Noah as he goes forth to conquer new worlds.  With endless gratitude and appreciation. Elizabeth & Michael G.


  • Just Us Kids is a Just What Moms Want! It is a safe, clean and fun environment where kids get just the right mix of learning, laughter and love. Nancy J.


  • We can hardly believe that today is Derek's last day at Just Us Kids! Time really does fly, doesn't it?  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for your understanding and many kindnesses to Derek during the past three years.  We have always felt confident, comfortable, and secure having him in your care and are sorry that this phase of his life is coming to an end!  But, as you know, kindergarten beckons!  Please know that I will always highly recommend your school to anyone in need of quality day care and a strong Pre-K program.  Once again, thank you for everything, Robin!  We'll all miss you, but you'll always be in our hearts! Marguerite L.


  • As Jake heads off to kindergarten, we have to pause and thank you for giving him such a fabulous start in life.  I remember that first September day like it was yesterday - leaving my boy there.  Since then he has learned how to walk, talk, run, how to make friends, how to follow directions, his letters, how to write, so many lessons about science, nature and more.  Each day he brings something new.  More importantly though you and your staff have taught him, by example, to shine - to be a loving generous boy that is ready to take on Kindergarten and then the world.  You and Just Us Kids are simply family to us and we could never thank you enough.  With much love, Scott & Mary Beth H.


  • Thank you for allowing me to go to work each day with peace in my heart knowing how well Caitlin is being taken care of so well.  She loves Just Us Kids and we are so grateful to have found you. Carolyn & Dermot H.


  • There are so many challenges in life, and I can't imagine one greater than finding someone you trust to care for your baby.  We feel so unbelievably blessed to have found you and your staff.  You all have exceeded our expectations and loved and cared for Ali as I would expect a family member to.  We are so grateful to you all for making our lives a little easier and for exhibiting such a wealth of kindness and love towards Ali.  She absolutely LOVES "school" and all of you. Heather & Danny M.


  • I will not ever be able to put into words how grateful we are for all that you have done for our family.  Not only have you given our two precious babies the best care and education possible, but you have done it with genuine love. I know they both feel it (as do we) and have absolutely thrived as a result. We will miss your smile and great advice on a daily basis but know this isn'g goodbye!  Martin & Annie K.










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