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Our Preschool Program

for Ages 3 - 5 years old

Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.

                                                 Author Unknown


Preschoolers are naturally inquisitive; interested in the world around them and ready to learn all that they can about it. By providing a stimulating learning environment, Just Us Kids promotes self-confidence and academic success. We understand how important this time is for children to grow as they prepare for kindergarten and continue their love of learning. 


Our experienced teachers guide the development of physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills that will help prepare your child for the future.  On a daily basis these skills will be enriched through a variety of math, science, social studies and literacy activities that will take place within our program's schedule.  We provide time for structured lessons, hands-on activities, and independent creative play to allow your child to develop at their own pace.  Creative art, dramatic play, sensory stimulus, music and movement are all integral parts of the learning process to further enrich each child's development. With our monthly calendars, parents can easily keep up-to-date on what their child is learning. Show and Tell, special theme days and “Cooking Fridays” provide authentic experiences while reinforcing our weekly themes and letters.


The safe, large, fenced-in playground area is the very best place for preschoolers to practice their emerging physical and social skills. Children are naturally drawn to active play outdoors as it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. Taking turns, sharing, patience, listening to directions and forming new friendships are some of the beginning social skills that also benefit from outside play.



We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that will give each child a strong foundation in which they will master the necessary skills in order to succeed in kindergarten.

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